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Improving the Appearance of Your Garden

Gardening isn’t everyone’s idea of a hobby, but there are some easy ways to improve what you already have. You need to look at garden design ideas in magazines and online and get some inspirational ideas to improve what you have without it turning into a time-consuming chore that you become to dread. Redesign your garden easily by first thinking about what you want to do with the space you have. Think realistically and attempt what is within your means rather than attempting a new patio or water feature set in a rockery. Though these are not out of reach they will take time, money and planning, and if those are out of your range, then either forget the idea or hire a professional landscaping service to do the work.
Here are some points to consider when making garden improvements.

Where to begin
If you are starting out you need to consider what you need and want. There are many ways to revamp a garden from planting trees, shrubs and flowers to vegetables. Or it may need to be safe for children and have room for slides, trampoline and playing games such as football and tennis. You may simply want an easy to maintain garden with the minimum of fuss.

Once you have established what you want, do your homework and find out how to begin. Gardening is not as easy as you think; there is a lot to know. Don’t just go and buy a pretty plant, and think they are going to thrive; make sure you read the instructions carefully. For example, a plant can last just for the summer and then die off; it may last the year round but need to be protected against frost. Does it need full sun or shade, how often does it need watering and does it need feeding using special plant food? These are all questions you have to ask. Garden centers are great and will offer advice if you ask. Plants, flowers and vegetables are complex and each have their individual needs, so make sure you read up on them or else you will be throwing money away as they will just not grow.

Vegetable plot
Would you like to grow your own fruit and vegetables? You need to be dedicated and learn how to plant and care for them, but the rewards can be amazing. To start with, you have fresh produce that you can pick as and when you want, thus saving trips to the supermarket. You will save money from using the car to go shopping and notice how fresh they are as they are picked straight from the plant where they still have valuable nutrients in them. It encourages healthy eating and preparing homemade dishes that will be delicious.

An easy garden to manage
Planning a garden that is easy to care for is the best option if time is precious or you simply do not like the thought of spending hours digging, weeding and pruning! Easy to manage gardens include a lawn, which simply involves lawn mowing and regular watering and the occasional feeding. A lawn is good for families and gives the children a good amount of space to play. Other easy to maintain garden designs include having the entire area paved, or decked. You can prevent weeds from growing by using weed killer underneath specially designed fabric that is placed under the paving slabs or decorative stones. This gives an instant look of perfection where you can simply add a garden table and chairs and a few container plants and there you have a garden that requires very little garden maintenance. 

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